Next exhibition will be soon in Ostrava starting 16.4.2011.

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International Mobile Exhibition

Water and City.

Bratislava in comparison with the important centers of V4 countries

From 27th February to 4th March 2012 (vernissage 27th February 2012, at 17:00) the international exhibition Water & City will take place in foyer of Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Námestie Slobody 19.

The first from 6 events in 4 countries, a partial project activitity of „MobEx 2011–2012: Water and City“. This project follows its successful forerunner, the mobile exhibition realised in 2010, and is co-funded and supported by the International Visegrad Fund. The Water & City project presents a set of urban studies solving the relationship between the city and the watercourse, aims at exchange of experiences, it identifies accurate examples and approaches of this issue in the V4 countries (Visegrad Group; Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czechia).

The exhibition in Bratislava, in the relation to previous tasks in Petržalka, a city district of Bratislava, presents works of students from Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava, who solved the waterfront of River Danube in Petržalka. These Slovak case studies constitute one part of a large set of selected works made in Budapest, Brno, Ostrava and Cracow. Student and expert authors as well as visitors have exceptional occasion to compare, confront, and deeply discuss both practical and theoretical consequences of Water in Cities.

The project intention is to provide case examples to the laic and expert public in the V4 countries. Example solutions of master plans and urban studies, of selected urban structures in relation to the water course. Each of exhibitions planned in 6 destinations consists of 1. opening vernissage and 2. spacialised workshop to attract the local audience, pick up practical requests, highlight specific expertise, and innovative modern methods and tools to the local stakeholders. A specialised seminary starts on 27. 2. 2012 at 13:00 (CET) In Bratislava the chain of MobEx events. Under the moderation of project coordinator, Juraj Furdík, (FA STU Bratislava, SK), and Jiri Hiess (CAGI, CZ), the student authors and project researchers will present their ideas and solutions. The invited audience will then ask the open questions and discuss, to ellaborate the general topic, Water & City. All based on real case studies, important to city managers and inhabitants in given cities. Learning by doing, sharing the knowledge, educating in live dialogue are working methods.

The set of case studies, and particular discussions passed in 4 countries by project partners and local experts will then be compiled by the project consortium to a specialized final publication. It will considerably be the main output of the project. This concluding MobEx proceedings will concern Water and City issue, generalise the methodology for V4 group and other countries. As a part of it the project resolvers will prepare also digital catalogue of the presented posters on CDs, including professional graphics. The public audience will be informed about the upcoming events, project progress and outcomes through the media and on the official project website http://www.a-atc.sk/MobEx2011/.

Written by Juraj Furdík, Jiří Hiess


Informácia o štandardnom grante Medzinárodného vyšehradského fondu

Medzinárodná výstava:

Voda a mesto.

Bratislava v konfrontácii s významnými centrami krajín V4

V dňoch 27.02.–04.03.2012 (vernisáž 27.2.2012 o 17:00) sa vo foyer Fakulty architektúry STU v Bratislave, Nám. Slobody 19 uskutoční medzinárodná výstava, ktorá je súčasťou aktivít projektu „MobEx 2011–2012. Water and City“ štandardného grantu Medzinárodného vyšehradského fondu, ktorý prezentuje urbanistické štúdie venované vzťahu mesta a vodného toku, s cieľom výmeny skúseností a hľadania správnych príkladov v tejto problematike v krajinách V4. Bratislavská výstava v nadväznosti na predchádzajúcu spoluprácu s MČ Bratislava – Petržalka prezentuje vo výbere ateliérových prác študentov Fakulty architektúry riešenia petržalského nábrežia Dunaja, ktoré konfrontuje s vybranými prácami študentov a odborníkov z Budapešti, Brna, Ostravy a Krakova.

Počas výstavy prebehne dňa 27.2.2012 od 13:00 seminár účastníkov grantu pod vedením garanta projektu Ing. arch. J. Furdíka, PhD. FA STU Bratislava, SK a RNDr. J. Hiessa predsedu CAGI, CZ.

Zámerom projektu je poskytnúť laickej a odbornej verejnosti v krajinách V4 správne príklady riešení územných plánov a urbanistických štúdií vybraných sídelných štruktúr vo vzťahu k vodnému toku.

Výsledkom celého projektu bude zostavenie odbornej publikácie, ktorá bude metodickým výstupom pre riešenie danej problematiky nielen v krajinách V4. Riešitelia projektu takisto pripravia digitálny katalóg prezentovaných posterov na CD. Verejnosť bude informovaná o priebehu a výsledkoch projektu prostredníctvom médií a oficiálnej webovej stránky http://www.a-atc.sk/MobEx2011/.

Napísal: Juraj Furdík


First exhibition will be soon in Bratislava, do not miss it!

We are looking forward to see you there!

inv bratislava

About the project:

Description of the project:  

Water is very important for the city. It has living and ecological effect for the sustainable development of the urban structures (protection, transportation, water source, hygiene, etc). The project will address the issue of positive and risk factors of water in relation to the urban structures. Intention of the project is to provide to laic and expert public in the V4 countries good examples of solutions for master plans and urban studies of selected urban structures in terms of its development and protection in relation to the water element. From September 2011 until the end of January 2012, students and experts will prepare posters with this theme for the planned mobile exhibition in the V4 countries. Presented posters will be in size 700 mm x 1000 mm and its will be processed by CAD (Computer Aided Design) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technologies, which will also verify the various possibilities in the process of design and processing of land-use planning documentation and analysis. Then the project partners will select about 30 the best posters of all for mobile exhibition. Mobile exhibition will take place consecutively in Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow, Ostrava, Brno and Bítov in the period from February to June 2012. In the course of the each exhibition will take place a seminary, where the partners will address tothe details of project publication, which will be methodical output for solving of this issue in the V4 and other countries. An official presentation of project results and compiled publication will take place at the seminary in Bítov (June 2012). The public will be informed about the process and outcomes of the project through the media and the official project website. The partners will also prepare a digital catalogue of created posters on CDs.


Target groups and groups benefitong from the project:
  1. Public and municipalities: the project team considers the issue of development and protection of the urban structures in relation to the water element as one of the main activities of cooperation of the V4 countries in the process of fulfilling common goals.

  2. Experts and students: interface exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of land-use planning and urbanism with regard to the relationship city and watercourses on the national and international level through the exhibitions and preparation of the specialized publication about this issue.

These activities are aimed at development of civil society and promotion of Visegrad ideas in Central-Europe territory.



Implementation period:  

from 01.09.2011 to 31.08.2012


From Until Description of the phase
09/2012 01/2012 researching of the selected areas; analysisi of the background papers; preparation of the posters
02/2012 06/2012 organizing of the exhibitions and seminaries; compilation and creation of the publication; project promotion by media and professional journals
06/2012 08/2012 dissemination of the project outcomes through professional journals, media and project website









1. Exhibition Bratislava SK 27.2.2012 4.3.2012
2. Seminary Bratislava SK 27.2.2012 27.2.2012
3. Exhibition Budapest HU 3.7.2012 9.7.2012
4. Workshop Budapest HU 3.7.2012 3.7.2012
5. Exhibition Ostrava CZ 16.4.2012 29.4.2012
6. Workshop Ostrava CZ 16.4.2012 16.4.2012
7. Exhibition Brno CZ 21.5.2012 3.6.2012
8. Workshop Brno CZ 21.5.2012 21.5.2012
9. Exhibition Bítov CZ 6.6.2012 9.6.2012
10. Presentation Bítov CZ 7.6.2012 7.6.2012
11. Exhibition Cracow PL 18.6.2012 29.6.2012



This project is realized with the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund. www.visegradfund.org