Workshop and vernissage in Budapest; 28.06.2010:

budapest 01 budapest 02 budapest03 budapest04 budapest05 budapest06 budapest07 budapest08
budapest09 budapest10 budapest11 budapest12 budapest13 budapest14 budapest15 budapest16
budapest17 budapest18            

Vernissage in Cracow, 21.06.2010:

cracow01 cracow02 cracow03 cracow04 cracow05 cracow06 cracow07 cracow08
cracow09 cracow10 cracow11 cracow12 cracow13 cracow14 cracow15 cracow16
cracow17 cracow18 cracow19          

Vernissage in Bítov, 09.06.2010:

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bitov09 bitov10 bitov11 bitov12 bitov13 bitov14 bitov15 bitov16
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Vyhodnotenie posterov MobEx v Bítove

Vernissage in Brno, 26.05.2010:

brno01 brno02 brno 03 brno 04 brno 05 brno 06 brno 07 brno 08
brno 09 brno 10 brno 11 brno 12 brno 13      

MobEx in Dresden, Symposium GI2010:

dresden dresden 2            

Vernissage in Bratislava, 03.05.2010:

ba 01 ba2 ba3 ba4 ba5 ba6 ba7 ba8
ba9 ba10 ba11 ba12 ba13 ba14 ba15 ba16
ba17 ba18 O vernisáži v Bratislave          



Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

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  SK 01.pdf SK 02.pdf SK 03 SK 04 SK 05 SK 06a SK 07a SK 08 SK 09 SK 10
            SK 06a SK 07b      
            SK 06b SK 07b      

Czech Association for Geoinformation - CAGI and Faculty of Bussiness and Economics, Mendel University in Brno



03_cz 04_cz


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  CZ 01.pdf

CZ 02.pdf

CZ 03.pdf CZ 04.pdf

CZ 05.pdf

CZ 06.pdf CZ 07.pdf CZ 08.pdf CZ 09.pdf CZ 10.pdf

Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

  PL 01 PL 02 PL 03 PL 04 PL 05 PL 06 PL 07 PL 08 PL 09 RASZEWSKA, N. – ROŻNOWSKA, I.: Podhorský Pás Bratislava – Nové Mesto, Urban Study. Terrace Project for Bratislava. Tutors: E. Węcławowicz – Bilska, R. Blazy, M. Marx - Kozakiewicz. Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Institut of Cities and Regions Design, 2010 PL 10
  PL 01.pdf PL 02.pdf PL 03.pdf PL 04.pdf PL 05.pdf PL 06.pdf PL 07.pdf PL 08.pdf PL 09.pdf PL 10.pdf
  pl 11 pl 12                
  PL 11.pdf PL 12.pdf                

Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre Nonprofit Company

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Presentations from workshop in Budapest:

The state of processing and presentation of the land-use planning in Slovakia

Authors: Ing.arch. J.Furdík, CSc.; Ing.arch. D. Filipeková; Ing.arch. M. Baloga, PhD.

furdik01 furdik02 furdik03 furdik04 furdik05 furdik06 furdik07 furdik08
furdik09 furdik10 furdik11 furdik12 13 furdik14 furdik15 furdik16
furdik17 furdik18 furdik19 furdik20 furdik21 furdik22 furdik23  

CZ State of Play; GIS & Spatial Planning in MobEx Focus 2010

RNDr. Jiří Hiess

hiess01 hiess02 hiess03 hiess04 hiess05 hiess06 hiess07 hiess08
hiess09 hiess10 hiess11 hiess12 hiess13 hiess14 hiess15 hiess16
hiess17 hiess18 hiess19 hiess20 hiess21 hiess22 hiess23 hiess24
hiess25 hiess26 hiess27 hiess28 hiess29 hiess30 hiess31 hiess32
hiess33 hiess34 hiess35 hiess36 hiess37 hiess38 hiess39 hiess40
hiess41 hiess42 hiess43 hiess44 hiess45 hiess46    


prof.  arch. Elżbieta Węcławowicz-Bilska PhD. DSc

bilska01 bilska02 bilska03 bilska04 bilska05 bilska06 bilska07 bilska08
bilska09 bilska10 bilska11 bilska12 bilska13      

National Regional Development and Spatial Planning Information System (TeIR)

Dr. G. Remetey

VÁTI Hungarian Public Nonprofit Limited Liability Company for Regional Development and Town Planning

hungaria01 hungaria02 hungaria03 hungaria04 hungaria05 hungaria06 hungaria07 hungaria08
hungaria09 hungaria10 hungaria12 hungaria12 hungaria13 hungaria14 hungaria15 hungaria16
hungaria17 hungaria18 hungaria19 hungaria20 hungaria21 hungaria22 hungaria23 hungaria24
hungaria25 hungaria26 hungaria27 hungaria28 hungaria29      

The Urban Development and Planning in Western and Central Eastern Europe

Seminar of Junior Regionalists, Budapest, 2-4.07.2010

Ing. arch. Denisa Filipeková, Ing.arch. J.Furdík, CSc.

denisa 01 denisa 03 denisa 04 denisa 05 denisa 06 denisa 07 denisa 08 denisa 09
denisa 10 denisa 11 denisa 12 denisa 13 denisa 14 denisa 15    

Stakeholders analysis and anthropological dimensions of Podhorsky Pas territory

Msc. Débora A. Swistun

Internship work at FASTU – Bratislava – Slovakia
June 2010

debora poster

Podhorský Pás Bratislava-Nové Mesto Urban Study

Authors: Ing. arch. Juraj Furdík, PhD., Mgr. Rostislav Ondruš,
Bc. Charline Sowa, Bc. Annabelle Voillot

June 2010


This project is realized with the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund.